Welcome to Southampton Epee Club

Fencing is the 21st century combat sport that is perfect for anyone who would love to take part in a modern day duel!

Southampton Epee Club specialises in epee fencing. We believe that by focusing on a single weapon we can deliver a fantastic experience to our members.

We try to foster a friendly yet competitive atmosphere at the club, one where everybody wants to improve and help the people around them get better as well. Most importantly, we want everyone to enjoy their fencing!

If you are interested in joining the club please contact us.

Experienced, intermediate, or competitive fencers with their own equipment are welcome to attend our adult training sessions at any time. If you are new to fencing then sign up today for one of our adult beginners' courses which run regularly alongside these sessions.

Youngsters who want to take up the sport can join our junior fencing classes from the age of 8.

We also offer private coaching at all three weapons, not just epee.

Last update: 25th April 2018