About the Sport


Modern day duelling!

Sword fighting has a long and rich history and fencing is the 21st century combat sport for anyone who would love to take part in a modern day duel. The object is simple: use your weapon to score a hit on your opponent without being hit yourself. Described by some as physical chess, each bout an exhilarating one-on-one contest that requires both mental and physical prowess.

Fencing is one of only four Olympic sports to be featured in every modern Summer Games since the first in 1896. There are three weapons in Olympic fencing: foil, sabre and epee. This club specialises in epee fencing, where hits can be scored on any part of the opponent's body. Only thrusts made with the tip of the weapon count as valid hits. With its roots in duelling, epee is the only discipline that has no 'right of way' conventions. This means that hits can be scored at any time, or even by both fencers at once! Tactics are just as important as athleticism in fencing.

A hit to wrist.

The tip of a fencer's weapon is the second fastest object in sport, second only to a marksman's bullet! Skilled fencers are able to make deft touches so fast that referees can't always see the moment of contact. Since 1936 electrical scoring apparatus has been used in competition to show when hits have been scored.

About the Club

Southampton Epee Club

A specialist epee fencing club.

Prof. Andrew Norris

Professor Andrew Norris is the Head Coach and founder of Southampton Epee Club.

  • Three weapon Fencing Master (Maitre d'Armes)
  • Professional fencing coach
  • Hampshire Fencing Union committee member
  • Referee
  • In 2012, the year the Olympic Games came to London, Andrew founded Southampton Epee Club with the goal of bringing fencing, one of the original sports of the modern Games, to the people of Southampton and the surrounding area.


    Keeping you safe

    After some time off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Southampton Epee Club is back!
    Following guidance from British Fencing and the Government, there are some precautions we must take to keep everyone safe.

    COVID-19 Officer

    British Fencing have asked all clubs to appoint a COVID-19 Officer to stay up to date with all the latest guidance. Our Welfare Officer, Elizabeth Cooper, is fulfilling this role.

    Cashless club

    Southampton Epee Club is no longer accepting cash payments. All payments must now be made via our website. We use PayPal to collect your payments, but you do not need to have a PayPal account - you can use you credit/debit card.

    Membership forms and Registration

    All participants must complete a club membership form to ensure that we have your up to date details and emergency contacts. All participants must pre-register for every session - pre-registration forms will be made available several days before via the mailing list. Group sizes are strictly limited and pre-registration will only be offered to paid-up members.


    Experienced fencers should have their own fencing equipment and make sure that it is clearly named and appropriately cleaned between sessions. Beginners can still borrow club equipment, but each set of personal equipment will be allocated to one person for each half term, so there will be no sharing. All club weapons must be cleaned after use - cleaning wipes will be provided.

    Face coverings

    Face coverings are no longer compulsory, but we strongly encourage spectators to continue wearing face coverings at all times and participants to wear face coverings when not fencing. We ask all participants to use a Leon Paul mask shield under their fencing mask whilst fencing. Mask shields will be given out to all participants on their first session. Please ask if you need a new one.

    Respect each other

    Hugs/handshakes/elbow bumps and other physical contact are not permitted for the time being. Participants should greet each other with a smile, execute a fencing salute at the beginning and end of every bout, and wave goodbye at the end of the session.

    Physical distancing

    All participants and spectators must stay at least 1m apart whenever not fencing.

    Sanitise your hands

    All participants and spectators must sanitise their hands on arrival at the club, and as they leave. Hand sanitiser will be provided, but please also bring your own.