This page is a summary of the club fees for all our sessions and services. Application forms also appear on this page.


Junior beginners:   £48.00 for six weeks (up to two sessions can be rescheduled)

Junior beginner fencers can join the club at any time on a six week trial basis. Those who get on well with fencing will be invited to join the club on an ongoing basis. Payment then switches to a monthly standing order (see below).

Parents should complete an Application Form for their child to ensure that we have up to date emergency contact details and medical information.

Adult beginners' course:   varies depending on length of course

Adult beginners' courses run at various times throughout the year, usually at the beginning of a school term. After the course those who get on well are invited to join the club and payment switches to one of the options below.

Please complete the Application Form to enrol on a course.

Experienced and intermediate fencers

Monthly standing order:   £26 per month
Please contact us if you are interested in this method of payment.

For regular fencers this option gives you the best value for money and allows you to spread the cost evenly throughout the year. You can get even more for your money by fencing two or three times a week for no extra cost (only allowed for fencers who have their own equipment).

Please complete the Standing Order Agreement if you wish to start paying by standing order.

Pay as you go:   £10.00 per session
Only available to adults.

Flexi-block (5 sessions):   £40.00 (save 20% compared with pay as you go)
Pay in advance.
One session is ticked off each visit.
Redeem within three months.
Only available to adults.

Individual lessons at a club night

Individual coaching is available at some of our training sessions.

15 minute lesson:   £10.00
Four lessons:   £30.00 (save 25%)

Private coaching outside the club

Half hour lesson:   £20.00
Four half hour lessons:   £15.00 per lesson (£60.00)

1 hour lesson:   £40.00
Four 1 hour lessons:   £30.00 per lesson (£120.00)

Note: venue cost not included. Travel expenses (agreed in advance) may be charged for longer journeys.

Other pricing options are available for longer sessions or groups.

Club tracksuits

Club tracksuits are available to all club members and recommended for competitive fencers. The green and black Mitre jackets are embroidered with the club logo.

Price:   £30.00

The green and black tracksuit top can be paired with any black tracksuit bottoms.

We keep a small stock of club tracksuits, but if your size isn't in stock don't worry. Orders are placed at intervals throughout the year depending on demand.