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Southampton Epee Club meets weekly on a Friday at Places Leisure, Eastleigh.

Individual lesson.

Training times

Juniors (aged 8+): 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Adults: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

We have two badminton courts in the sports hall at this beautiful leisure centre with cutting edge facilities. We start the evening with juniors, offering a fun blend of coaching and sparring. After 7:30pm the evening is dedicated to adult fencing, with group and individual lessons so that beginners and experienced fencers alike can develop their skills.

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Club Locations

View the locations of our weekly club training sessions on the handy map below.

Adult Fencing

Join us!

Whether you are a first time fencer or a seasoned veteran, we will make you feel welcome!

Experienced fencers
If you are new to the area or returning to fencing after a break from the sport, we will welcome you to the club. If you are already a member of another fencing club you are welcome to attend our sessions to supplement your training.


Beginners - sign-up now for a great introduction to the sport!
You will be introduced to fencing, the equipment and the rules, taught some basic moves, and get a chance to try the sharp end of the sport with some real life sparring in every session. Adult beginners learn at our regular Friday evening training sessions alongside our more experienced members.

All fencing equipment is provided at no extra cost!
If you do not yet have your own kit then please wear long tracksuit trousers, trainers, and bring a bottle of water with you.

Our adult sessions are aimed at adults and older teenagers. Children below the age of 14 are better suited to our junior classes.

Junior Fencing

Fun and Friendly Classes

We work hard to offer a fun environment for our young members. More experienced fencers are encouraged to help beginners and younger fencers. We place a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and working together. Peer learning is fundamental to our approach.


Structured Training

Our junior fencers always have something to aim for, working towards internationally recognised fencing proficiency awards. We provide a series of exercise books to help children learn everything about the sport, from basic rules and safety to competition etiquette and tactics.


100% Real Fencing

At all our classes we offer 100% real fencing, just like you see in the Olympic Games! Youngsters learn real fencing skills just like our adult members. They are given plenty of time to test out what they have learned, with sparring opportunities at every session.

What's involved?

Youngsters can join our junior clubs from the age of eight. Our fun and inclusive classes are structured around three elements: sparring, group lessons and peer learning. Junior beginners are introduced to the basics of the sport, with an emphasis on safety, etiquette and good technique - and having fun, of course!

All fencing equipment is provided at no extra cost! If you do not yet have your own kit then please wear long tracksuit trousers, trainers, and bring a bottle of water with you.

From the age of 10, junior fencers who have worked hard to gain enough experience will be invited to represent the club at competitions as part of our Junior Squad. The Junior Squad attends competitions as a group, supporting each other. We focus on participation and learning, building the strength of character they will need later if they wish to participate in adult competitions. Junior members are only allowed to fence in competitions outside the club as part of our Junior Squad.

Junior Squad

Please note: we do not offer one-off taster sessions. This is because it takes several sessions to acquire the basic skills and find out whether you will enjoy the sport. New arrivals also take up more coaching time, so it is unfair on existing members to have people coming to just ‘give it a go’.

Our younger members attending junior classes with us are not allowed to train with other fencing clubs. This is because the approach of other clubs is likely to be quite different, which may cause confusion to young fencers and hinder their devlopment in the sport. Similarly, we do not accept visiting junior fencers from other clubs.